States of Identity/Work In Progress

Palestine, Kosovo, Kurdistan, Borneo, South Sudan…

                These Stateless Nations, like my native (Catalonia), have struggled to resist the threat of extinction, domination and oppressive violence and have also shared with me an indelible visual story of human suffering and strength.

                While with them, I have been able to witness and photograph gestures of passion, both silent and strident, violent and gentle.

                Somehow with time, I became aware of the delicate and volatile nature of identity and memory, and the creation of their often-angry orphan, the national myth.

                Since beginning this body of work, I recognized the familiar fervor of national identity, and the contradictions and questions they have always evoked for me.

                This project examines the nature of stateless nations, both constructive and destructive, by exploring expressions of resitance, division, unity, isolation and hope.