2006 Lebanon War

In 2006 a Hezbollah ground contingent crossed the border into Israeli territory and attacked two armoured humvees killing three, and capturing two Israeli soldiers.

Israel responded with massive air strikes and artillery fire on targets in Lebanon, an air and naval blockade, and a ground invasion of southern Lebanon.
Hezbollah then launched rockets into northern Israel and engaged the Israel Defence Forces in guerrilla warfare from hardened positions.

This war, known as the Second Lebanon War, was a 34-days military conflict that killed over a thousand people, mostly Lebanese civilians, severely damaged Lebanese infrastructure, and displaced approximately one million Lebanese.
After the war, some parts of Southern Lebanon remained uninhabitable due to Israeli unexploded cluster munitions.

When I got to Beirut, I found the empty street of a ghost town where the sounds of distant explosions resounded incessantly.
After the ceasefire, I spent most of the time photographing the aftermath, and how people tried to return to normal life meanwhile all around was nothing but burst building, smoking ruins, death and destruction.